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Sat Feb 14 15:12:54 EST 2004

Gili wrote sadly:

>Thanks all, for responding. Sorry if I got a bit paranoid, but I did spend a
>good hour translating the thing, and then the list simply went dead for two
>days, plus another longish email I had written that same day to someone
>completely different didn't receive any response, I know it was irrational
>of me,  but I was feeling a little rejected. All better now. :)

Oh, a beastly thing.  Waaah!  Have a retrospective <hug> to help you over
that feeling of shouting down a well.

>Elise asked: >>One thing I wondered was, why isn't the publisher showing
>more interest in
>translating Howl so that the work can be ready to come out when the movie
>comes out?
>Beats me. I should think that would be the obvious thing to do. I've tried
>pitching HMC to the publisher I translate the Harry Potters for, they showed
>a teensy bit of interest but I doubt they will get their act together in
>time to put in a bid for the rights before Keter buys them. Quite aside from
>the fact that DWJ's agent may prefer to continue working exclusively with
>Keter. What I'm itching to do is buy the translation rights myself, but I
>don't think anyone sells translation rights to individuals, only to
>publishing companies.

Have you thought of asking DWJ's agent Laura Cecil what she would think of
that idea?  It's not a new thing to DWJ, people who have translated her
books wanting to do it again but not being with the right company at the
right moment; maybe she and Laura could work something out.  Maybe your
doing it could be put in as a condition, or something.  I can't help
feeling it ought to be possible, and that you jolly well *deserve* to get
to do it, and DWJ having met you might help too (or of course it might not
because she wouldn't want to look as if it were favouritism, but that could
be argued against).

In any case it might not do any harm if Laura were to say "We were most
impressed by the professional attitude of the translator on your previous
DWJ titles, and would be glad if she were available to translate *Howl's
Moving Castle*", or something along those lines.  And I can't see why she
wouldn't be able to do *that*, unless there is some obscure point of
agently etiquette that forbids it.

I'd be happy to do a bit of special pleading at this end if you think it's
worth a try.


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