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> Is there a special circle of Dante's Inferno reserved for people who borrow 
> library books more than seventy years old and no longer in print, and render 
> them impossible to read by underlining words, ...

Any way to know how long it's been since the vandalism occured? The book may 
not ave been so old when it happened...

Out here in L.A. -- although it is probably evident elsewhere, too -- I've 
noticed that any fine arts related book that came out earlier than maybe the 
middle or late '60s is as likely as not to have *pages missing*. Especially 
plates that were just plain torn out, cut in half or whatever. There is one book of 
Holbein's drawings   from the '40s in our fine arts room that is still 
circulating even though three quarters of the book is simply not there. The pages 
were neatly sliced out with a razor blade or something. 

It took me a few moments to make the connection and realize that these books 
have been in the library since before libraries had xerox machines. One there 
was a xerox available, people gradually stopped tearing out the plates. (Now 
they take the book home and scan them.)
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