Protesting Meep!

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Fri Feb 13 19:27:28 EST 2004

Melissa wrote:

>>Just because my motto is "Cet animal est tres mechant -- quand on
>>l'attaque, il se defend" doesn't mean I *bite*.  Dynamite, maybe.  Bite,
>>no.  With my teeth how would I bite anyone?  Soup I can eat, so long as it
>>hasn't got lumps in, but not solids until I get a new crown fixed, the old
>>one has gone all wobbly.
>You can keep up the pretense all you like, but I know where you keep that
>set of false teeth filed to sharp little points.

I have to break it to you that on the whole, minnows are unlikely to keep
their spare fangs in a glass of water by the bed at night.  They have but
little use for glasses of water by the bed.

>And it's still you biting if the teeth are in your hand...

Curses!  Rumbled!

I shall have to fall back on Plan B: mortars.  They're a b*gg*r to fire
from underwater[1], but they're pretty as they explode, and they dunn'alf
make people jump!

>...I just had this vision of Quentin's little old ladies marching along with
>innocent toothless smiles and nipping people with their false teeth, hidden
>cleverly in hand.  I think I need to lay off the Pepsi for a while.

Beats the spiked handbag any day, eh?

>(Minnow should read _The Rescue of Ranor_ for another non-biting namesake)

I'll make a note of it.  Thank you (probably).

[1] Sodium matches, before you ask.  The problem is fusing the charges.


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