sudden fury

minnow at minnow at
Fri Feb 13 19:27:30 EST 2004

Is there a special circle of Dante's Inferno reserved for people who borrow
library books more than seventy years old and no longer in print, and
render them impossible to read by underlining words, and glossing them
really *obviously* between the lines, and scribbling marginal comments, and
putting rings round phrases they think important thus obliterating bits of
the text above and below, all in heavy black 5B pencil that won't easily
rub out?

If there isn't, why not?

If there is, what is it like?

Just at the moment I have ideas about writing my comments on the
perpetrators.  As in, with a scalpel on their cringing flesh.


Melissa, is it technically "biting" if I fit a handle to a single very
sharp tooth and use it as a pen for this purpose?  If so, maybe I *would*
bite, if I ever catch one of these horrible little scrotes in the act.


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