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Fri Feb 13 18:45:34 EST 2004

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 20:15:03 -0000 (GMT), Ika wrote:

>But this:
>> There's no emotional
>> distance
>> to let you fool yourself into thinking "this could never happen to me."
>> And
>> that's a little scary for some readers (probably most readers, says the
>> Cynicism Monkey on my shoulder).
>actually makes me understand why people find the Potter books easier to
>cope with than DWJ. The Potter books seem to me to be covering over much
>nastier situations than the situations that DWJ confronts head-on: I find
>the confrontation - the honesty, the realistic assessment of how a child
>character can make a bearable existence for himself or herself in a world
>run by flawed adults -  to be *much* more comforting. But I can see that
>the "covering-up", or the emotional distance, could itself be comforting
>for some readers.
>Thanks! I've been puzzling over this for ages (as the auto-rant might have

This is exactly why we never say "we've already talked that over forever."
As Ven pointed out, every time an old topic comes around, someone has
something new to say.  In fact, *I* hadn't realized the above until I was
responding to your post, and it was the result of what you said tied to
another discussion I've been having on another list about why people won't
read certain kinds of books.  So, thank you yourself.  :)

>> I think we lost the manual, and we've pretty much given up the Worship of
>> Monigan after all the nasty side-effects.
><giggle> Glad to hear it. (And it's so exciting to be somewhere where
>people make DJW jokes!)

Who else would get them?  And they're so good, too.  But the setup is just
so long for the unwashed masses that there's no point...I'm glad I created a
fellow DWJ-fan in my husband, because the urge to complain about how badly
Hathaway is farming the roads around here is sometimes too great to resist.

Oh, and that reminds me that the Goon was trying to expand into Torquil's
turf over here.  Someone named Erskine was among the final 32 on American
Idol the other night--fortunately he didn't make the cut.

Melissa Proffitt

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