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Ika wrote:

>I find
>the confrontation - the honesty, the realistic assessment of how a child
>character can make a bearable existence for himself or herself in a world
>run by flawed adults -  to be *much* more comforting. But I can see that
>the "covering-up", or the emotional distance, could itself be comforting
>for some readers.

It's possible that the thing that would make DWJ feel most that she had
done a good job is being told that reading her work has helped to make
someone who has been a child facing terrible things in real life (and
having to deal with profoundly flawed adults) aware that he or she is *not
alone*, that there are other children who have had horrors of an *ordinary*
but terrible kind and who have both managed to survive them and come out at
the other end stronger for that survival.  It's a feeling she has
expressed, I think, more than once: that showing such children they are not
alone in their trouble is very important.

I wonder, in a sort of vague way (not having read Rowling, because I am
saving it for when I grow up) whether this is something that gets said to
JKR: "your books helped me in my troubles, because they showed me things
about life and made me know I wasn't a freak"?

>> I think we lost the manual, and we've pretty much given up the Worship of
>> Monigan after all the nasty side-effects.
><giggle> Glad to hear it. (And it's so exciting to be somewhere where
>people make DJW jokes!)

I have it on good authority that DWJ cheats at balloon tennis.  When
challenged as to how this can possibly be done, my informant replied that
she made him laugh so much that he was unable to hit the balloon, and
*that's cheating*!

So you can safely assume she approves of jokes, whatever the newspaper may
have said about her being "dark, even oppressive".  :-)


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