Protesting Meep! (was Re: DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

minnow at minnow at
Fri Feb 13 15:46:14 EST 2004

Melissa maligned me:

>Plus we are extremely nice people here, except for Minnow, who bites.  :)

Something that you should know right from the start is that Melissa is a
Jeenyus and Allways Right.

Even when she's wrong.

She's thinking of my distant cousins of the Characinidae family, from Latin
America, little cute round brown fellows, innocent-looking until the entire
front half of them opens wide and reveals the fangs within.

Just because my motto is "Cet animal est tres mechant -- quand on
l'attaque, il se defend" doesn't mean I *bite*.  Dynamite, maybe.  Bite,
no.  With my teeth how would I bite anyone?  Soup I can eat, so long as it
hasn't got lumps in, but not solids until I get a new crown fixed, the old
one has gone all wobbly.

So you are safe from being bitten unless you are a broth.  Are you a broth?

Minnow (mostly harmless)

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