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Fri Feb 13 14:06:56 EST 2004

Ika wrote

<But see, I bet this conversation has been had a 
million times already............>

Actually, no, at least not in the particular way
you expressed it. And we wouldn't all still be
here if we didn't enjoy hashing and rehashing
what we all think about Dwj and her works and
fantasy in general and food and so on....... It's
a continuing converation that I for one never get
tired of. Put together the richness and depth of
Dwj's novels with the richness and depth of the
minds* we have here and there is always something
new to say and always a welcome for somebody new
to jump in and add their ideas to this Dwj stew. 

Before the above Ika said

<.........because actually for me it's the
elements in DWJ 
that are *not* shared
with the Potter books that make them... I mean, 
not only such good books,
but also such good resources for thinking. Magic 
and fire and blood and
dark castles are all very well, of course, but 
it's DWJ's emotional
complexity and precision - her unpredictable, but

always truthful, takes
on situations and relationships (her "exacting 
wisdom"?) - that make her
the writer that she is. She's actually provided a

whole emotional
vocabulary and framework for experiences that 
aren't often part of
mainstream narrative. I guess I wish *that* 
framework was the virus that
was sweeping the world, to which all other 
children's fantasy was compared.>

The thing about "Magic and fire and blood and
dark castles", as well as spaceships, unearthly
creatures and sacrifice is that I love books with
these elements more than any others, all else
being equal. They seem to provide the best
narrative framework for an author to express that
emotional complexity and precision. I would like
to say why I think this is but  I'm going to have
to think about it some more .....

Ika then added
>PS: Hello, everybody. I'm excited to be here. Is

there an initiation I
>have to undergo or anything? ;)
and Elise replied
<Yes.  Oh, I admit - not really, no.  But if
like to share your first 
DWJ or most recent DWJ and describe some of your 
favorite scenes, moments, 
aspects or characters, we could view it in light 
of initiation.  And I love 
to read such posts. That's my ulterior motive.  
I'm sure DWJ wouldn't let 
the concept of initiation lie around just being 
the concept of 

Actually making that first post is a kind of
initiation in itself. I was looking back at my
old posts in the archives and my first was rather
stiff and formal. Elise's suggestions are good,
I'd like to add a request for your other
favourite authors (apart from Antonia Forest!)
because I like those kind of posts too. 

* Omitting my own for modesty's sake and because
all too often my head's a shed!


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