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Fri Feb 13 12:27:06 EST 2004

>Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
> > I find it hard to believe that no one responded to this. Is there a
> > problem
> > with the list, or am I not getting messages again?

Hi Gili, I found your post very interesting and appreciated it a lot.  One 
thing I wondered was, why isn't the publisher showing more interest in 
translating Howl so that the work can be ready to come out when the movie 
comes out?  But then, perhaps it wasn't in the '04 budget or something.  Are 
you considering making a pitch for the project?  Bringing it out to 
coincide, or follow on, the movie would seem to me to be a persuasive 
argument to the publisher...?

Ika wrote:
>And I got it, but I only joined the list a couple of days ago and am
>suffering from the conviction that whatever I say will have been said here
>eighty zillion times already: but I was v interested to see the article &
>very grateful for the translation.

Hi Ika, and welcome to the list!  I'm always ready to reflect on DWJ's 
virtuosity. We've just begun a re-reading binge at our house, so the timing 
seems right.

>because actually for me it's the elements in DWJ that are *not* shared
>with the Potter books that make them... I mean, not only such good books,
>but also such good resources for thinking. Magic and fire and blood and
>dark castles are all very well, of course, but it's DWJ's emotional
>complexity and precision - her unpredictable, but always truthful, takes
>on situations and relationships (her "exacting wisdom"?) - that make her
>the writer that she is. She's actually provided a whole emotional
>vocabulary and framework for experiences that aren't often part of
>mainstream narrative. I guess I wish *that* framework was the virus that
>was sweeping the world, to which all other children's fantasy was

Well said!  Would DWJ let a philosopher's stone be just a philosopher's 
stone? I think not.  ;)

>PS: Hello, everybody. I'm excited to be here. Is there an initiation I
>have to undergo or anything? ;)

Yes.  Oh, I admit - not really, no.  But if you'd like to share your first 
DWJ or most recent DWJ and describe some of your favorite scenes, moments, 
aspects or characters, we could view it in light of initiation.  And I love 
to read such posts. That's my ulterior motive.  I'm sure DWJ wouldn't let 
the concept of initiation lie around just being the concept of 


P.s. I'm going away for the weekend, so don't be surprised at silence from 
this address after I've just begged for more posts.

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