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Fri Feb 13 08:16:27 EST 2004

Ika wrote:

>And I got it, but I only joined the list a couple of days ago and am
>suffering from the conviction that whatever I say will have been said here
>eighty zillion times already: but I was v interested to see the article &
>very grateful for the translation.

It may have been said eighty zillion times (though I'm not convinced it
has) but you have (for me at least) hit the nail definitively and *wallop*
on the head when you summed up with the words:

>It's not a very helpful
>comparison, anyway: like comparing Antonia Forest's school stories to Enid
>Blyton's. Same genre, but completely different in every other way.

Well said, indeed.

Not that Enid Blyton is entirely to be despised, because a lot of people
start by reading her books and then move on from them to -- tact?  how to
say it? -- slightly more demanding and less formulaic works in a more
interesting style; but there is indeed not a lot of point in comparing her
work and that of Antonia Forest.  (Wot, no jolly jape at the expense of the
French mistress and her not being fluent in English?  Wot no midnight
feast?  Wot no redeeming of the naughty/rude girl by her bravery in saving
someone from falling off a cliff?  Can't be real school stories, those ones
by that Forest woman.)

>PS: Hello, everybody. I'm excited to be here. Is there an initiation I
>have to undergo or anything? ;)

Hello.  Glad to meet you.  If there is an initiation, I didn't notice it,
so it can't be too dreadful!


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