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Mon Feb 9 21:38:18 EST 2004

Charlie quoted
<What wond'rous Life in this I lead! 
Ripe Apples drop about my head; 
The Luscious Clusters of the Vine 
Upon my Mouth do crush their Wine; 
The Nectarene, and curious Peach, 
Into my hands themselves do reach; 
Stumbling on Melons, as I pass, 
Insnar'd with Flow'rs, I fall on Grass.>

If I ever get to make my wondrous, imaginary
garden  I would want to include a section to
evoke this poem. 

Minnow said

> I had a lovely experience related to Marvell 
when I was doing a somewhat
> in-depth and monomanic study of the man's 
poetry.  I started to witter
> about its wonders to a lad I know from Grimsby,

and after a bit he got
> that "Gosh, I know what you're talking about!" 
look in his eye, and
> said, "Is this the Andrew Marvell who was MP 
for Hull a bit ago?  Best
> MP they ever had, they reckon.  I didn't know 
he wrote poetry,
> though...">

I worked with an Andrew Marvell, known as Andy
Marvel, best shoveller I have ever seen. Which
brings me to this site -- -- using
electoral records it tells you how many people in
the UK have a particular name. There are
apparently five Andrew Marvells of voting age.
I'm off to play with it  again now, see how many
Polly Whittackers or something.........


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