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Mon Feb 9 19:15:31 EST 2004

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Laurie Puszczewicz wrote:

|Have we ever discussed food scenes in literature?  Seems like a natural
|for this list.  :)

Oh lordy.  The scene in Little Princess when Sara wakes up after the
magic?  And there's cakes, and Becky crams them in to her mouth so they
won't melt away?  Just thinking about them makes me starving.  And Anne
with her buns, at Missus Brown's.

When Lucy wants to try Bacchus' & the dryads dirt because it looks like
the tastiest chocolate ever?

Butter pies.  Groan, I want a butter pie.

"Harry scowled at her glass of orange juice."

Now I'm exceedingly hungry.  To counteract, I will think of Awful's tea
for Quentin.  Also of turkish delight.  That was a gyp when I first
tried it.  I assumed that because Edmund sold his soul for it that it
would be *nice*.

Sir! I protest! I am _not_ a merry man!
		--lt. worf

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