Changing words (was Re: Checking in)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Feb 9 14:15:41 EST 2004

--- "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at> wrote:
> Charlie said...
> > Was there a US children's book about this very
> debate, called IIRC *The Day
> > they Came to Arrest the Book*? Anyone read that?
> Yep.  Got it out of the library a couple of times. 
> IIRC, someone - possibly a
> parent - throws a wobbler about the use of the word
> "nigger" in Huck Finn and
> demands that the book be banned from use in school. 
> A bunch of kids, with the
> support of...their English teacher I think, though
> it might be the school
> librarian, realise how stupid this is and start
> organising a campaign to save
> the book.
> It's rather a good book; I must track it down and
> read it again.

The author is Nat Hentoff, who is currently very
involved in campaigns in support of Cuban librarians.


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