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Gill Othen gill at othen.fslife.co.uk
Sat Feb 7 08:57:05 EST 2004

 Minnow wrote:

> I had a lovely experience related to Marvell when I was doing a somewhat
> in-depth and monomanic study of the man's poetry.  I started to witter
> about its wonders to a lad I know from Grimsby, and after a bit he got
> that "Gosh, I know what you're talking about!" look in his eye, and
> said, "Is this the Andrew Marvell who was MP for Hull a bit ago?  Best
> MP they ever had, they reckon.  I didn't know he wrote poetry,
> though..."
> Puts all this reading business into perspective, that sort of thing
> does.

Many eons ago I taught English in Grimsby.  I'm slightly surprised he'd
heard of Marvell as an MP, but not at all that he didn't know he was a poet.
Grimsby rivals Coventry for resistance to "culture" in any form - and I
write as someone who teaches at the school Philip Larkin attended, of whom
more than half the kids profess ignorance when asked. <sigh>


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