Fudge and Breton lays

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Feb 6 14:44:02 EST 2004

Helen wrote:

(is this strange notation below what happens when things are repeatedly
translated into HTML?  My set-up changes them back, hence ampersand

>> There shall be fudge.  And a presentation on a
>> couple of Breton lays in translation.  This sounds
>> promisingly productive.

>Have I already told the story about the professor I had once at the Centre 
>for Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies, who said musingly concerning _Sir Orfeo_, 
>"It's almost more of a romance than a lay, isn't it?" whereupon everyone, 
>including him, burst into prolonged giggles.

I should hope they did!  Thank you.  :-)  Myself I love the
identification of Thrace with Winchester.  Local lad makes good, that
is.  Presumably the desolate area he hangs around in is somewhere on the
Winchester bypass.

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