The rest of the fruit dialogues (was: Changing words)

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Ah, that would explain why I had never come across them until I bought a house with a loquat tree in the back yard.  I treated it with great suspicion but then discovered they were delicous.  Unfortunately they are very succeptible to fruit fly and we hardly ever got any edible ones.  Lucky the dog thought they were yummy too and cleaned up the ones that fell on the ground.
On another fuity and off-topic topic my grapes are ripe.  They are really nice sweet juicy ones.  I have been standing there gorging myself on them whenever I walk past the vine.  Does a little to make up for the fact that cherries are past their best this season.
Oh dear I am going to have to go have a midnight snack now... :)

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	<< I've heard of loquats but never eaten one. >>
	That's because if you want them you pretty much have to grow your own. They
	are a delicious "soft fruit", but extremely fragile and it's next to impossible
	to ship them. I also suspect that you cannot pick them green and expect them
	to ripen on the counter for eating later. And the fact that they consist of a
	thin layer of flesh over a central chamber with (typically)1-4 large seeds
	makes them largely ineligible for selling frozen. By the time you get the skin
	off and the seeds out, you really haven't got much left, but what you have has a
	lovely, delicate taste.
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