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> Otter wrote:
>>> - No.
>>> -- Rosa Parks 
> widdy wrote:
>> Great sig! I had to think about it for a moment . . .
> It is, isn't it. Succinct.

I thought about including an explanation of the circumstances, but then
I thought, 'Nah.'

However, if there's anybody out there who's bemused by it, the
explanation on the calendar I stole it from is:

"African-American seamstress Rosa Parks, when told to move
  to the back of the bus."

Some more on this:

This is the action that precipitated the Montgomery bus boycott.  Ms. 
refused to move on 12/1/1955 and the boycott started 12/5/1955.  
Alabama.]  African-Americans stopped using the buses.  The boycott 
until 12/20/1956 -- 381 days.  By that time, the US Supreme Court had 
that Alabama's laws about segregation on buses were unconstitutional and
on 12/20, federal injunctions were served on the city and the bus 
officials.  On 12/21/1956, a white clergyman, Glen Smiley, shared the 
seat of a bus with Martin Luther King, Jr.

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   try going to bed with a mosquito.

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