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Minnow wrote:
> In the case of Rowling, of course, it leads one to the question: how does
> she know she has never read any of Diana Wynne Jones' books?  Can she be
> sure that not one single one of them snuck under her guard when she was
> eleven, or is she utterly confident on account of knowing every childhood
> book she ever had in her hands, even those from the public library?  

As an aside: I bought Witch Week in English when I "rediscovered" DWJ a
couple of years ago - and I was quite a few pages into it before remebering, and
vaguely at that, that I read this book before, when I was probably about
eleven or twelve, from the library. For some time I wasn't even certain, if a
knew it or was having a prolonged deja vue. I forgot large parts of it, and
rembered strange things; I remebered the scene in which Nan has to climb the rope
and thinks she has mamaged but is in fact still at the bottom when she opens
her eyes. That stuck with me vividly, and also some other scenes. But the
sutff about the gardening devices (no dictionary, don't know the word/s)
hopping aroud I had completly fogotten on a conscious level - and I laughed tears
the second time...


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