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Irina Rempt irina at
Thu Feb 5 06:49:55 EST 2004

On Thursday 05 February 2004 02:03, Ven wrote:
> Irina wrote

>> I had remedial PE for two years in early
>> high school, 

> I am open mouthed in admiration for your
> education system (Netherlands innit?) 

It's not the education system - not even the education system in the 
seventies when I was in high school - but the slightly weird school I 
went to. I had the same teacher who did the remedial PE in later years 
for normal PE, and he gave you 6 out of 10 (a plain pass) when you 
attended, 7 when you did your best whether you were any good or not, 
and 8 if you could actually do something.


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