Fudge, totally OT

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Feb 5 06:44:50 EST 2004

Ven gave another recipe:
><Is it possible to make *non-dairy* fudge?

>Deprived of fudge! That's pretty bad. Here's
>another recipe, involving liquid soya milk, which
>I suspect may be easier to come by in the UK. Sya
>marge is probably to be found in supermarkets but
>Holland and Barratt will definitely have it:

In case anyone else happens to need to know, any
Kosher marge is dairy-free, it seems.  I doubt
that the olive-oil-based non-dairy spreads would
make very nice fudge, though.  :-(

>(it is sort of essential that you use a
>sugar thermometer for this...it should read
>115-116C/238 to 240F)

I have a jam thermometer, which I expect is the
same thing really.

Thanks very much!

It strikes me that sitting stirring fudge with one
hand and reading middle english texts from a book
held in the other will probably enhance both the
tasks; not that either is unpleasant in and of
itself, but...

And if I need to make notes, the fudge doesn't
have to be stirred *all* the time.

There shall be fudge.  And a presentation on a
couple of Breton lays in translation.  This sounds
promisingly productive.



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