Changing words (was Re: Checking in)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Thu Feb 5 06:11:43 EST 2004

 Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
> what most British children would think of if they
> read "satsuma" is a fruit identical or very similar to one of 
> several citrus fruits called "klementina" (clementine) in Hebrew. 

Not identical- there are both in my local supermarket, and I like clementines but not satsumas. (Satsumas have hardly any acid, I think, and taste to me like an orange that is really old and oversweet and flavourless.)

> loquats, parsimmons and anonas 

By the description we might call anonas custard apple? I have eaten one, but they are certainly not common. I've heard of loquats but never eaten one. Persimmons tend to be called Sharon Fruit in the UK- probably we import them from Israel! I've seen two types, one like a flattened ball and the other longer and slightly pointed. I think both are varieties of the Japanese kind that you can eat when they're firm (rather than being astringent until they're completely soft). I love them.


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