Changing words (was Re: Checking in)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu Feb 5 04:08:24 EST 2004

Clementines are actually
> very common in Israel, and I've almost never seen them outside of Israel ;

They're pretty common here in the UK. But what is the relation of either
satsumas or clementines to tangerines? Is it mostly to do with their place
of origin (I assume tangerines are North African, and that if Scipio
Africanus had lost we'd be calling them Carthagines)?

I can't tell the difference, myself. And my local supermarket apparently
agrees, because it has taken in the last couple of years to labelling such
fruits generically as 'Easy Peelers' or 'Soft Citrus' (motto of the fruit
fetishist: 'In soft citrus let me be laid...')

> well practised in translating the names of fruit, as I attempted to
> translate the opening of "Goblin Market" by Christina Rosetti. Half the
> fruit there turned out to be different varieties of plums, pears or
> making for tricky translation, as there are far fewer names for these
> in Hebrew than there are in English.

You don't half make life difficult for yourself, Gili! What next? 'The Inuit
Paean to Snow'?

Charlie (a little hyper this morning...)

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