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A kumquat is significantly smaller than a satsuma, to the best of my ability
to discern. I had to use google images to actually SEE one before I knew how
to translate it. An image search of the term "satsuma" yields highly varied
results: images of everything from chinaware to sweet potatoes to maps of
Japan. I cross referenced with dictionary definitions until I was satisfied
that in all likelihood what most British children would think of if they
read "satsuma" is a fruit identical or very similar to one of several citrus
fruits called "klementina" (clementine) in Hebrew. Clementines are actually
very common in Israel, and I've almost never seen them outside of Israel ;
we have lots of lovely citrus fruit that are either not known or considered
exotic in other countries, like tempel oranges, pomelos and sweeties; also
several non citrus fruit that are common here and less known elsewhere, like
loquats, parsimmons and anonas (I think the last have another name in
English, but I can't remember what it is. They are green and lumpy on the
outside, with fairly regular ridges, the inside is a creamy white, the
flavor is unique but much more subtle than most tropical fruit,  and they
contain many very shiny black pips about the size of pumpkin seeds). I'm
well practised in translating the names of fruit, as I attempted to
translate the opening of "Goblin Market" by Christina Rosetti. Half the
fruit there turned out to be different varieties of plums, pears or berries,
making for tricky translation, as there are far fewer names for these fruits
in Hebrew than there are in English.

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My knowledge of a satsuma in the US is not a small citrus fruit - it's a
plum.  This may be because I spent 20 years in Sonoma County where Burbank
did a lot of hybridizing, and where Satsuma Plums were readily available.  A
kumquat is a small citrus fruit that could easily have been substituted for
a satsuma...

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