Reluctant readers

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Wed Feb 4 20:15:35 EST 2004

Speaking as someone burdened with teaching reading and writing to the 
reluctant readers after they turn 18, I have to say that the approach as 
outlined by Melissa appears to have some startlingly bad results in the 
long term. A lot of my students can't read things that are more than a few 
pages long, with the result that they are completely at a loss when 
required to read short novels on a weekly basis.

At least half of my lit class of 25 seriously could not manage to read more 
than 30 pages of the set text (Everything is Illuminated). These are not 
ESL or learning disabled or even lazy or overcommitted elsewhere type 
students, they are good attenders who are seriously making an effort. But 
no one has ever made them read before.

Of course, I just tell them to suck it up.

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