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Irina wrote

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> Do for instance reluctant gymnasts
> get special care taken of them, or do they just

get told to vault
> that horse. climb that rope, and to blazes with

their tender
> sensibilities?  

Well, I had remedial PE for two years in early 
high school, and it 
wasn't tender sensibility, but real fear and 
incompetence (and fear of 
incompetence). Caused by having been on the 
receiving end of bullying 
all my life, and acquiring a bad body image from 
that, or something, at 
least that's what the remedial-PE teacher said. 
He did make me much 
more confident, because he let me do what I *was*

good at so I knew, 
finally, that there were some gym-like things I 
was good at. (Got into 
the school volleyball team in fourth year)>

I am open mouthed in admiration for your
education system (Netherlands innit?) I would
have so benefitted from something like this. I
suspect I had some degree of dyspraxia, which I
more or less grew out of (though I'm still slow
to pick up things like aerobic moves). School
games were just a misery (and sewing lessons too)
I just couldn't seem to do what others found


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