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Wed Feb 4 18:23:34 EST 2004

--- deborah <deborah at> wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Roger Burton West wrote:
> |I hear a great deal about the power of the sinister
> school librarians'
> |organisations to make or break a book for children
> in the USA, at least
> |in the commercial sense. Possibly they have demands
> of this sort?
> Well, if so, they don't teach us about it until
> after we've got the
> diploma and have learned the secret handshake.  My
> vibe from the ALA
> thus far is that librarians are as mad as anyone
> else about publishers'
> and booksellers' assumptions about the intelligence
> -- or lack thereof
> -- of child readers.

The impression I have is that school librarians in the
US are not as well organised as they are here in Oz
(and thats not very organised here) and are a very
diverse bunch.  However for most children's books
school library sales must represent a fair swag of
total sales and if school libraries don't buy a book
sales will really suffer. (is  this the case Sally?).
Overall in Australia there must be 3000 high schools
and more than 10,000 primary schools - that can be a
lot of sales for most authors. If a book becomes a
class text then sales will really soar.


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