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>Catching up a little late here, but I can corroborate this: I was given a
>long (3 page) list of edits for OotP from JKR's agents, and a great deal of
>them involved changing the phrase "through gritted teeth" into something
>else. Another phrase that was changed or deleted several times was "turning
>on his heel". And quite a few semicolons were replaced with colons. There
>were few major changes, though an entire paragraph was deleted somewhere.
>Why anyone other than the proofreaders would bother to spend the time
>comparing editions as closely as this is truly beyond me, but your friend is
>not the first person I heard of who has done this.

Oh, I think I have to come to his defence here. :-) It is true that he
is a fan of the books (like I am myself), but it wasn't his intention
at all to compare editions when he started listening to the audio
book. It's just that his English is not good enough to follow solely
by listening (OotP was his first English audio book), so he thought it
would be a good idea to read the book at the same time (it might sound
weird, but I think it's not the worst idea to get accustomed to spoken
English). When he noticed that there were differences between the two
versions, he started writing them down. It was rather curiosity about
what had been changed and why. 

>People tend to treat the
>HP books as if they were holy texts, and every word changed is a blasphemy.

Maybe, but I am certainly all in favour of correcting obvious mistakes
in later editions as well as phrases and words used too often, there's
nothing wrong with this. Why titles of British books are changed for
the American market is rather beyond me, though.


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