Changing words (was Re: Checking in)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Feb 4 11:13:56 EST 2004

> > The thing that astonished me was that the book seemed to be being viewed
> "wrong" because it was perceived by the person who wanted to change it as
> being "pro-slavery".  Or at the very least as being wrong because it
> mentioned slavery at all, and slavery was wrong so one should just keep
> quiet about it.  Or something.  Very, very strange mindset, I thought.
> anyone who read that book really think it was in *favour* of slavery?

Dunno, but some people have evidently thought that it was possible. I think
the 'problem' is that Huck assumes slavery is right, and as he's the person
telling the story there is not *explicit* counter-authority. So the book is
pro-slavery somewhat in the sense that 'A Modest Proposal' is
pro-infanticide (some people took that one literally too). Course, it
doesn't help if you're missing the irony gene.

Was there a US children's book about this very debate, called IIRC *The Day
they Came to Arrest the Book*? Anyone read that?


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