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Roger Burton West roger at
Wed Feb 4 10:55:58 EST 2004

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 03:43:09PM +0000, minnow at wrote:

>Sorry.  It's just the phrase. I'll get over it.  But what *does* it mean
>really?  That they can't, that they won't, that they just can't see the
>point of it at all, or what?

Children who don't like to read, and don't choose to do it. The idea is
that, if one were to stand over them and force them to read a particular
book (more or less your classic school-level literature course), one
could, but that won't get them to go out and read things that they
aren't being forced to; so instead one should find some way of causing
them to _want_ to read.

Thus far, I have no problem with it. But since many people seem to think
that this means one should provide them with Budweiser-books (nothing
that could be offensive to anyone, and therefore bland beyond belief)...

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