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Wed Feb 4 10:43:09 EST 2004

Melissa wrote:

>I used to gripe and moan privately about the "let's be so very careful with
>the reluctant readers"

I'm ignorant.  I had never met the phrase "reluctant readers".  It made me
stop, gawp, giggle, and then think "and how about the reluctant in any
other field?"  Do for instance reluctant gymnasts get special care taken of
them, or do they just get told to vault that horse. climb that rope, and to
blazes with their tender sensibilities?  How about the kids who are
reluctant about adding and subtraction, or who are inclined to be a bit
unenthusiastic about geography?  The ones who stand on the edge of the
swimming-pool but just don't fancy getting their hair wet?

(And what about the ones who aren't just reluctant, they're downright
pigheaded and utterly refuse to consider reading at all....)

Sorry.  It's just the phrase. I'll get over it.  But what *does* it mean
really?  That they can't, that they won't, that they just can't see the
point of it at all, or what?


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