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Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 04:31:53 EST 2004


It was going to be on-topic and
> all, as I was thinking this while cooking Aloo Gobi from the recipe
> on the DVD of Bend It Like Beckham - the only film I'd seen with
> Jonathan Rhys Meyers, mentioned by people here as a possible actor to
> play Howl.

Oddly enough Aloo Gobi also makes an appearance in the book I'm reading at
the moment, Mark Haddon's *Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time*.
The autistic protagonist likes it but since he refuses to touch anything
yellow he adds red food colouring before eating. Yum.

> Finally, pulling in the language thread, in an interview on ACHUKA,
> the author talked about her appreciation for the fact that her editor
> agreed not to make her italicize Indian words (as it's first-person
> narrative, and it didn't seem to fit), and not to make her put a
> glossary of unfamiliar words in the back, but to trust readers to
> pick up the meanings from the context.  Both seem to me to work well
> in the book, though I'm not at all as convinced by the omission of
> quotation marks for dialogue.

One thing I liked in Meera Syal's *Anita and Me* was the way that she
reversed the usual assumptions by spelling out the the Black Country
pronunciation of the heroine's neighbours phonetically, while leaving the
Indian family's speech in Standard English. Can't lay my hand on the book at
the moment, so I'm not sure if Indian words were italicized.

(To avoid confusion, perhaps I should add that the Black Country is an area
of the midlands - its name comes I believe from the prevalance of factory
soot, and long predates large scale immigration.)

(FWIW, I'd infinitely prefer a
> glossary than changes.)

Is there any correlation between this and a preference for subtitles over
dubbing, I wonder?


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