Fudge, totally OT

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 20:29:09 EST 2004

Dorian advised me

<  Hm.  It's a few years since I've made fudge, 
but IIRC, you need to keep the
heat medium-to-low, keep stirring (if fudge 
sticks, and it far too often does,
it burns and is then not nice), and dissolution 
takes...about an hour?

  (Pause to seek out Secret Family Fudge Recipe 
as aide-memoire...)

  Okay, I have a note at the bottom of the recipe

that it takes a bit over an
hour (total) to make fudge, and 30 minutes of 
that is boiling the stuff *after*
the dissolution.  So probably 20 minutes to half 
an hour for the dissolution
phase.  But then again, it probably depends on 
your fudge recipe, too.  (Patrick
says that my SFFR is actually for Tablet, not 
fudge.  ::shrug::)>

Thanks very much, the birthday batch of fudge
turned out just fine. It took 35 minutes for the
sugar to dissolve but I had the Guardian
crossword in the kitchen with me to make the time
go fasster. I found i only had to let it boil for
a couple of minutes, this made a soft , almost
fluffy fudge. Could you mail me your tablet
recipe offlist please, Thorntons have stopped
selling their chocolate tablet and I rather miss


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