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> Otter wrote:
> >The only thing that routinely turns up in books from Britain that I
> >have to double-think is 'pavement'.  I can usually remember to do
> >it, but, as everybody no doubt knows, in the USofA 'pavement' is
> >where the cars are supposed to be, and the 'sidewalk' is where
> >pedestrians are supposed to be.

I've never heard anyone in the US use "pavement" at all unless they were 
being Anglophilic. Maybe it's a local usage? I certainly would never have known 
that anyone took it to imply being in the street. At most I would have thought 
it meant any paved area whatsoever rather than being limited to the sidewalk.

On the other hand, I once nearly got killed because I misunderstood "Steady 
on" to mean "Keep going" rather than "Stop."

Helen Schinske
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