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Otter wrote:

>The only thing that routinely turns up in books from Britain that I
>have to double-think is 'pavement'.  I can usually remember to do
>it, but, as everybody no doubt knows, in the USofA 'pavement' is
>where the cars are supposed to be, and the 'sidewalk' is where
>pedestrians are supposed to be.

I had a friend who got into trouble with that one in the sixties.  She went
on a demonstration -- one of the anti-Vietnam ones, her being from the
U.S.A. and feeling strongly on the subject.  A policeman told her to "get
on the pavement!"  She said, "But I *am* on the pavement," and got herself
arrested for obstruction by stopping where she was to argue the point.

So her father had to come over later on from the Embassy she had been
beseiging with the rest of the crowd, to bail her out.  The police seemed a
little confused by the whole business, as well they might be, and decided
not to charge her after all.  But I don't think they believed it at first
when she told them where to find her father.  :-)


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