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Anita Graham amgraham at
Tue Feb 3 08:04:35 EST 2004

Everyone (publishers, translators and this list) has failed to take into
account the Australian version.

Here (or at least, here, in Western Australia) a satsuma is a variety of
plum, whereas I believe the UK term satsuma refers to a variety of
citrus fruit - perhaps the mandarin.

> Come to that, a walnut would be much more painful, being 
> hard, than a soft satsuma.  If stuck up the nostril.  One is 
> funny, the other is nasty.

A satsuma, being halfway between a walnut and a mandarin in both size
and softness is obviously the ideal object for this purpose!

*A satsuma plum is very dark red inside and out, very firm and quite
sweet. You wouldn't only get juice on you if you were eating an overripe


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