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Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Feb 3 03:43:27 EST 2004

> Catching up a little late here, but I can corroborate this: I was given a
> long (3 page) list of edits for OotP from JKR's agents, and a great deal
> them involved changing the phrase "through gritted teeth" into something
> else. Another phrase that was changed or deleted several times was
> on his heel". And quite a few semicolons were replaced with colons. There
> were few major changes, though an entire paragraph was deleted somewhere.
> Why anyone other than the proofreaders would bother to spend the time
> comparing editions as closely as this is truly beyond me, but your friend
> not the first person I heard of who has done this. People tend to treat
> HP books as if they were holy texts, and every word changed is a

Sectarian disputes between Walnutians and Satsumites can only be a matter of
time... But it's not just proofreaders. Some graduate student somewhere will
no doubt be doing a scholarly edition of the HP books in due course, and
that three-page of textual variants will be like gold dust. Guard it well,


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