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Wed Dec 29 21:11:38 EST 2004

On Fri, 24 Dec 2004, lizcrowe at juno.com wrote:

> Here's the compilation of what our group stated as their favorites
> and least:
-snip alphabetical lists-

And here's the frequency rankings, since I was curious enough to do
the work. It's interesting to note that the most favourite was also
someone's least favourite, and vice versa.

19 - Deep Secret
15 - Fire and Hemlock
10 - Archer's Goon
     Howl's Moving Castle
 7 - Charmed Life
 6 - Lives of Christopher Chant
 5 - Merlin Conspiracy
     Power of Three
 4 - Chrestomanci Books
     Tough Guide
 3 - Dogsbody
 2 - Crown of Dalemark
     Dalemark Books
     Dark Lord of Derkholm
     Eight Days of Luke
     Magicians of Caprona
     Year of the Griffin
 1 - Cart and Cwidder
     Derkholm Books
     Drowned Ammet
     Homeward Bounders
     Ogre Downstairs
     Sudden Wild Magic
     Tale of Time City

Least Favorites
 7 - Sudden Wild Magic
 6 - Aunt Maria/Black Maria
 5 - Dark Lord of Derkholm
     Eight Days of Luke
 4 - Dalemark Books
     Fire and Hemlock
 3 - Short Stories
     Tale of Time City
     Witch Week
     Witch's Business/Wilkin's Tooth
 2 - Changeover
     Power of Three
     Time of the Ghost
     Wild Robert
 1 - Deep Secret
     Drowned Ammet
     Crown of Dalemark
     Homeward Bounders
     Year of the Griffin

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