8DoL spoilers was Re: the Kalevala was Re: reviews (but not of MC)

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 10:15:22 EST 2004

Otter quoted Dwj's afterword from Eight Days of
Luke, I have preserved the spoiler space:

Spoiler space





It's terrific, Thanks Otter I  wish I had had
this to read when I first read 8DOL. I did
recognise the Gods eventually, it's a long time
ago, but I'm pretty certain I noticed Wedding's
name and attributes, wondered about "the
redheaded man" and was sure of it when the Frys
turned up. However at that time I knew nothing of
Seigfried or Brunnhilde.

<Alert readers will have noticed that 
David’s attention is 
generally fixed on just one of Mr Chew’s arms. 
Gods are good at hiding 
their attributes.>

Well I worked out who Mr Chew was in the end but
I have never noticed this. "Sigh" there go my
claims to be an alert reader.

<Valhalla really means Hall of the Slain, and the
English for it is Walsall. There is a Walsall in
England—an industrial suburb of Birmingham. It 
has so little in common with Valhalla that I
invented Wallsey Island instead.>

Do you know, I always thought this was taken from
the seaside resort of Wallasey on the Wirral.
I've spent a couple of afternoons in the
amusement arcades and on the rides when visiting
friends there. I wonder if the derivation of the
name fits. (I shall check when I can go on line
cheaply, later). I have an excellent book by
Brian Branston, The Lost gods Of England, which,
among other things, deals with place names
inspired by Anglo Saxon religion. However it
doesn't mention Wallsall, nor Chew magana, I
would be interested to know Dwj's sources for

<Luke himself is Loki, god of fire and of 
mischief—two things that both gods and
people find it hard to do without.>

That's lovely, so beautifully put, so concise and
so true. It puts me in mind also of the
Loki/Prometheus connection and hence Urquar (sp)
another god like person who ends up in chains.

<He used to ride an eight-legged white 
horse, which naturally appears nowadays as a
white car.....>

I can't help thinking of the version of the
parentage of the car -- or Sleipnir -- which has
it that the father was Odin himself and the
mother Loki in the form of a mare and it's making
me giggle, talk about mischief!

<Some say she took a revenge that will bring
about the Final Battle in the end.>

I was never sure whether the business with the
hammer was invented, from the myths or from the
ring cycle. I'm still not clear, can anyone
enlighten me. 


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