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Margaret Ball margaret at
Thu Dec 23 22:09:03 EST 2004

>|>So "curious -> curiousity implies
>|>obvious -> obviosity".
>|And Quixote -> quixotic implies Vorkosigan -> vorkosigic?
>Ah, but resembling which one?  Like Cordelia: having insight and
>armchair psychology?  Like Miles: having lunatic and suicidal

Or like Aral, or for that matter like Mark? Or Piotr? Ok, I guess we'll 
have to get more specific.


Miles....we need somebody who understands Latin word formation rules, 
who can come up with an adjective derived from miles that doesn't mean 
"military." Help!


Aral....all I can think of off the top of my head is Aralian, but I'm 
sure somebody on this list can do better.

Margaret Ball

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