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Wed Dec 22 21:08:12 EST 2004

--- Judith Ridge <Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au> wrote:
> My dream house and place is an actual place and
> house, although the house no
> longer exists. It was our holiday house at
> MacMasters Beach on the central
> coast of NSW (about an hour north of Sydney these
> days, but it took much
> longer to get there when we were kids and lived in
> Katoomba in the Blue
> Mountains, about 2 hours west of Sydney). It sounds
> posh to own a hliday
> house, but it was nary more than a three roomed
> fibro shack when my father
> cashed in his 500 pounds worth of life insurance to
> buy it. Eventually it
> grew, but it remained a fibro shack and a much
> beloved one. We lived in
> church houses, and moved every five or six years, so
> this was more like our
> own home than the ones we actually lived in, even
> though we only visited it
> a few weeks a year.
> My parents sold the house at Macs when they retired,
> as they didn't want to
> retire there (there's not even a corner shop for the
> odd grocery item) and
> they couldn't afford to keep it and buy a new home.
> The old fibro shack hung
> on for many years longer than we expected, but has
> now been replaced by some
> architect-designed mini-mansion. But our house
> remains in my dreams!

When I was kid growing up in the Blue Mountains
(Springwood rather than Katoomba) we too used to spend
the summer hols in a small fibro house on the central
coast (Budgewoi) which was owned by my Grandmother.
She, too, sold it when she retired in order to buy her
retirement home - in her case just down the road from
us in Springwood. This was the early '60s so a bit
before your experience, Judith. Although I have
nostalgia for the holidays in Budgewoi I feel none for
the house itself which had an icebox in place of an
electric refridgerator (I can't recall if it had
electricity) and a pan toilet emptied by the dunny man
once a week.
My fantasy home (although I can't recall ever visiting
it in a dream) is inspired by something described by
Larry Niven. Each room is in a different ideal
location and connected by matter transmitters.


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