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Wed Dec 22 11:47:45 EST 2004

Juliette Curtis wrote:
>We enjoyed those conversations over dinner too. Somebody would always 
>dash for the dictionary before dinner was finished.

We ended up keeping it during mealtimes on a side-table right there, to
save time!

>We also enjoyed 
>making up lost positives and new definitions for words, which had to be 
>totally irrelevant but plausible. For example:

>Bezzler: A crook who surreptitiously inserts money into the bank 
>accounts of other people.

Thank you!  That's one of Neil Gaiman's anti-crimes (along with Mumming
and Breaking-and-Decorating and Conspiring to Observe the Law), but we
couldn't find out what it was called.  (Ideally it is someone who adds
*one penny* to every account held with a bank, which has the dual effect
of driving everyone who is obsessive about their cheque-stubs balancing,
and the bank authorites, raving mad in one simple crime.)

Can you do anything for the one in which someone has bought up an old
building, sets fire to it for the insurance and so he can build
something new on the site, and comes back a week or so later only to
find that someone has carefully reconstructed it to be exactly the way
it was before he did his arsonist bit? I mean, what's the crime the
rebuilder is committing?

>Minnow: A small fish that is used to separate the grain from the chaff.

Heh!  :-)

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