Subject: the Baroque Cycle: thanks, Ven

Otter Perry ottertee at
Wed Dec 22 11:49:07 EST 2004

On Tuesday, December 21, 2004, at 07:49 PM, Ven wrote:

> Otter wrote
> <I had never heard of Neal Stephenson until Ven
> mentioned _The
> Baroque Cycle_.  So now I've read it and thank
> you very much.
> On to his earlier stuff ....>
> Aw gee you're welcome. There's something so
> satisfying about sharing a good author.
> I hope you enjoy the rest.

I have started reading _Cryptonomicon_ [sic].  I'm
running into lots of names I know, which makes me
wonder how different it is for people reading these
in the order they were written.


I support the labeling of obesity as a disease.

I have always wanted to call in fat to work.

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