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On Tuesday, December 21, 2004, at 06:00 PM, Juliette Curtis wrote:

> We enjoyed those conversations over dinner too. Somebody would always 
> dash for the dictionary before dinner was finished. We also enjoyed 
> making up lost positives and new definitions for words, which had to 
> be totally irrelevant but plausible. For example:
> Bezzler: A crook who surreptitiously inserts money into the bank 
> accounts of other people.
> Freeze: What you put in the car to make it stall in hot weather.
> Penguin: A lady friend to whom one writes letters.
> Minnow: A small fish that is used to separate the grain from the chaff.

Our family usually ended up with the encyclopedia, but we played
word games as well, though none as amusing as the one above.

I come from a family of punsters and one of our games was, 'But I
thought that was ...'

Somebody would just have used a word, let's say 'otter'.

Somebody would say, 'But I thought that was when you were
morally required.'                    [ought to]

Somebody else would say, 'But I thought that was one of those
things in the driveway.'          [auto]

The whole point was never to _say_ the words alluded to, but
see how long we could keep going.

Maybe you had to be there ....


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