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Wed Dec 22 10:55:40 EST 2004

deborah wrote:
>On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Kyla Tornheim wrote:
>|On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Allison Marles wrote:
>|> My dreamhouse also has secret passage ways.  There's one that goes
>|> through a set of dresser drawers to a hidden room.  But I haven't dreamt
>|> of my house for a long time.  I can't remember much else about it except
>|> that it must be quite a large old house with stairs in odd places.
>|I feel that it was all this discussion that forced me to dream of a house
>|with a secret passageway last night.
>I love how these dream houses and the multiverse discussion seem
>intertwined to me.  Are all our dream houses connected through secret
>passageways and shifting corridors, you think?  And if you just knew
>how, you could travel between them (the Chrestomanci way, the Sudden
>Wild Magic way, the Deep Secret way, what have you) and visit one
>another's dreams?  Like making a Springfield Jump!

I have a feeling that they are all part of the one house in some way.
Sometimes, in the dreaming, I know there are other people in the rest of
the place I'm in; I hear laughter, or I go into a room and know that
someone else has just left it by another door, just one that I can't
quite find.  Once there was a soup-plate and a spoon on a table in the
kitchen, and it was warm when I touched it, but whoever had been eating
there was gone.  And there are children playing somewhere near the
library, and I know they aren't in the garden because when I look out of
the window there is nobody there -- unless they're in the maze, where I
wouldn't be able to see them in behind the big box-hedges.

I think another source may be *Tom's Midnight Garden*, because some of
the garden is a bit like that: big cedars, and a walled vegetable place.

It never worries me that there are people there and I don't know who
they are or where, either; it's such an utterly Right Place that nobody
who was nasty could get in.  Kyla's villain wouldn't be able to find the
secret way Kyla can get in by.  It's a sort of ultimate sanctuary.

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