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Wed Dec 22 07:47:52 EST 2004

Katta wrote:

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>>I'll cheerfully accept a model that says "the multiverse (singular) 
>>pockets and outcrops where different rules apply", but that is 
>>at odds with the *Deep Secret* pattern, where I got the distinct
>>impression that the whole place was known about, pretty much.

>Presuming, of course, that Rupert has the first clue what's really going on. 
>I love Rupert dearly, but he's not the most reliable narrator.

True.  Maybe not, then. 

>Not that I do believe that they're all the same multiverse. It'd make things 
>so *very* complicated.

I am looking from a different direction because you said that, and I
have a feeling that there are simply *too many Earths like ours* in
other books for them all to fit into the Chrestomanci multiverse
pattern.  :-)

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