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There's a theory (I think it's Jungian) that says when you dream of a house,
you are dreaming of an aspect of yourself. I think my dreamhouse is the part
of me that has never actually felt like I have settled in the one place for
good, that I may in fact be incapable of doing so, but clearly part of me
yearns to.

My dream house and place is an actual place and house, although the house no
longer exists. It was our holiday house at MacMasters Beach on the central
coast of NSW (about an hour north of Sydney these days, but it took much
longer to get there when we were kids and lived in Katoomba in the Blue
Mountains, about 2 hours west of Sydney). It sounds posh to own a hliday
house, but it was nary more than a three roomed fibro shack when my father
cashed in his 500 pounds worth of life insurance to buy it. Eventually it
grew, but it remained a fibro shack and a much beloved one. We lived in
church houses, and moved every five or six years, so this was more like our
own home than the ones we actually lived in, even though we only visited it
a few weeks a year.

My parents sold the house at Macs when they retired, as they didn't want to
retire there (there's not even a corner shop for the odd grocery item) and
they couldn't afford to keep it and buy a new home. The old fibro shack hung
on for many years longer than we expected, but has now been replaced by some
architect-designed mini-mansion. But our house remains in my dreams!

If I dream of a house it's that house (or a version of it), and if I dream
of a place it's Macs, and if I dream of a lost love it's Mikey Walters, the
brown surfer boy I fell in love with when I was 16. The ocean is rarely
benign in my dreams; it's always powerful, often overwhelming, but never
vengeful. The long, wide, open beaches of the central coast ruined me for
Sydney's narrow, sheltered ones; you can keep your Bondi and your Coogee!


ObDWJ? I never read her at Macmasters, so I don't think I can stretch this
to fit, although the nostalgia for that place and time is a cousin to the
feeling I get reading her books.

Way too much information!



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