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> Between them and the castle in *The Princess and the Goblin* they have
> given me a house I quite often visit in my dreams.  Either that or there
> is a house somewhere in the Dreaming from which all these (and now I
> come to think of it, the house Charles de Lint has as well) were drawn,
> of which they are each a partial picture, and which I can somehow get
> to. It has a library on two levels, with a sort of passage running
> through it on one side that is a low bookshelf lower than the rest of
> the room, and dark oak steps up into the main part of the room, which
> has several tall windows on the far side, each with a window-seat
> running round under it and heavy dark velvety curtains.

You need to read _The Velvet Room_ by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, too.

My thing in dreams is secret rooms -- finding doors that weren't there before 
and going through them into charming little cozy rooms (usually lined with 
bookcases, possibly window-seated). But I dream all sorts of different houses. 
My sister does too, but it makes more sense for her, as she's an interior 

Helen Schinske 
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