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On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Margaret Ball wrote:

|Irina wrote
|>I always longed for an eccentric intellectual
|>family where it's usual to discuss weird scientific facts at the dinner
|>table and outsiders can come and soak up culture
|You want to move in with us? What with my husband and my mother and me
|all reading weird books, dinner table discussion is likely to range from
|How To Ship A Horse in The Thirteenth Century, to the root causes of the
|Franco-Prussian War, to the peculiar habits of Antarctic explorers in
|the early twentieth century.

Or with us?  Where drunken party games sometimes involve intense
examination of the OED, wherein we discover the suffix '-th', which not
only shows us the relation between obsolete words ("coolth" as a
parallel to "warmth", "blowth"), but makes readily apparent the old
English roots of such words as "aftermath" (after + math, for math = mow
+ th, after the mowing); "death" (die + th); "birth" (bear + th); and
similarly "height", "sleight", "wealth", "mirth" (closest modern English
translation = merry + th), and frost.

Trust me, this is fascinating when you are (a) hungover and (b) us.

Start a revolution.  Stop hating your body.

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