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>The pair that are really different are the *A Sudden Wild Magic* and the
>Chrestomanci multiverses, because of the fact that people are either
>killed or shunted one world over by being two of the same person in a
>single world at the same time.

Yes, but that might be a consequence of the means that the people we
hear about use to travel between worlds rather than of the intrinsic
nature of the multiverse within which those worlds exist. If I walk
from Piccadilly Circus to Euston Station I'll arrive tired; if I take a
taxi I'll arrive poorer. If I didn't know that alternatives existed, I
might well think either of those an inevitable result of the trip.

>There also doesn't seem to be any of the
>nine-life thing in any of the others; surely if that were a reason for
>powerful mages existing in *Deep Secret*, Rupert would mention it when
>he is doing his "here is how it works" bit at the beginning?

But it's rare, and might not have been spotted in the worlds Rupert
knows about.

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