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Tue Dec 21 11:13:11 EST 2004

Roger Burton West wrote:
>On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 03:55:38PM +0000, Minnow wrote:
>>The Chrestomanci multiverse is
>>of a slightly different nature from that of the others, in that it has a
>>finite number of worlds per series and is more contained/enclosed.
>While I do not dispute your observations, how much of this is traceable
>to world-view or the state of understanding of _a_ multiverse, and of
>the ways of getting around in it? If one only knew about walking and
>the Underground system, for example, one would have a very different
>conception of places in London and how best to get from one to another
>from that of someone who only knew about taxis.

The pair that are really different are the *A Sudden Wild Magic* and the
Chrestomanci multiverses, because of the fact that people are either
killed or shunted one world over by being two of the same person in a
single world at the same time.  There also doesn't seem to be any of the
nine-life thing in any of the others; surely if that were a reason for
powerful mages existing in *Deep Secret*, Rupert would mention it when
he is doing his "here is how it works" bit at the beginning?

>_Given the data we have_, I think either the polytope or the
>single-multiverse model is supportable.

I'll cheerfully accept a model that says "the multiverse (singular) has
pockets and outcrops where different rules apply", but that is slightly
at odds with the *Deep Secret* pattern, where I got the distinct
impression that the whole place was known about, pretty much.

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